Moyeah is a leading manufacturer of mini CPAP machine and its accessories. For example, CPAP masks, CPAP tubing, power supply, headgear and so on. Above all, we provide unique solutions to CPAP users worldwide. You can know the best and efficient technology for sleep apnea through Moyeah iBreath.iBreath series is newest generation sleep & respiration therapy platform to cure sleep apnea. In our Moyeah store, there are iBreath APAP machines, BPAP machines and CPAP machines. What’s more, these are transcend portable and easy to pack. It’s also convenient for you to take it on vacation, and put it in your travel bag. Therefore, it’s the best solution for sleep apnea.
Even more, we produce CPAP masks and tubing for CPAP machines. As for the power supply of mini CPAP, we usually use oxygen battery, lithium battery or solar charger. Of course, the better battery power can help our standard CPAP to serve for you better. Our auto CPAP therapy is the most simple and effective way to treat sleep apnea and its related health problems. And we supply CPAP device to various countries. Including Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Australia and more.




Our Vision

Moyeah is committed to foster a playful and rewarding work environment of mini CPAP based on respect, professionalism, fun, and a shared passion for making a real difference. If you are ready to begin a rewarding and challenging career, we are awaiting to hear from you!.




Our Mission

Our mission is to improve patient’s health through our best transcend miniCPAP technology available and provide the top support.